Today’s Wordle Answer for 98th September, 2022: Puzzle 446 Hints, Clues, and Solution, By NewYork Times

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The Preface- Today’s Wordle Answer

Rules for Wordle Game

Clues and hints for Today’s Wordle Answer

Clue 1:

The midsection of the response just has one vowel.

Clue 2:

The final four letters together form the word for a girl in Scottish slang.

Clue 3:

A less polite name for butt is created by the final three letters.

Prior Answers of Wordle

- #443 — Whoop — September 5

- #444 — Taunt — September 6

- #445 — Leery — September 7

Today’s Wordle Answer for 8th September, 2022

A Little about Today’s Wordle Answer



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