The Need for Connection: Understanding the Motivations Behind Tim/Tom/Tem Comments on YouTube

3 min readMay 8, 2023
The Need for Connection: Understanding the Motivations Behind Tim/Tom/Tem Comments on YouTube

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There is a YouTube channel that comments on every single video uploaded to YouTube. Who is this YouTuber? Actually its not a YouTube channel or any YouTuber, its a bot. The channel is named ‘Tom’ and it’s used some automated commenting tools to comments on every new video that has been uploaded on YouTube. Many of the YouTubers are thinking that this is a scam and it is the biggest scam channel on YouTube.

What is Tom’s actual name?

Tom comments on every single video uploaded on YouTube on a daily basis to get the attention of new as well as old YouTubers or his subscribers. But Tom is not its actual name, its actual name is UC3. How do we know that? We come to know that from its YouTube channel link because Tom changes his channel name and logo every time. He changes his logo, channel name so that his channel can’t get traceable from YouTube security as well as the YouTubers also.

How Tom channel was caught?

On YouTube, one can change his channel name and logo frequently, but one cannot change his channel id or link after creating it once. Like the same way, Tom was caught from his channel link. He tries and does these all the things to get new subscribers and their attention so that he can trap them.

What are the most common comments from Tom’s channel?

Tom’s comments are so common that one can easily find in any new video. You will notice some of his comments like “great video it was really good”, in any newly uploaded video on YouTube. They do so for getting more subscribers to their channel by subscribers clicking their link.

Does Tom use bot script to comments on every video?

Yes, Tom comments on every single video and this becomes possible through an online bot script. However, Tom has various channels but when you Google it, you will find that the URL link is the same for every YouTube channel.

Is this scam?

So, barely its a scam. Tom is a promotional channel attached with a bot when you will click on this YouTube channel, you will find that channel has 500k subscribers. But when you go to the channel’s video section, you will know that there is not a single video available on the video list.

What is Tom’s intention behind it?

Tom’s intentions behind it to gain more and more subscribers to his channel so that he can manipulate them. It will be easy for him to trapped you when you subscribed to his channel. So be aware of that and don’t subscribe to him. It is possible that while gaining access to or hacking your channel, he will sell your channel to the dark world where the rates of every valuable YouTube channel is much higher.

How to protect our YouTube channel from Tom like scams?

To protect your channel from this kind of scam, you must report to YouTube against this channel. In order to report to YouTube, go to that comments, and tap on three dots. There you will find, a report option, click on that and select the “unwanted commercial content or spam” option. After this setting, again click on three dots in the comment and select remove option. By doing this setting you have successfully, report, and remove any scam channel from your channel.

Lists of YouTube channel that belongs to that same Tim/Tom/Tem. (Link Credits: Timeworks)




Tom #2:

Watson Marshall:

Watson Marshall2:




Fake MrBeast:

igoesRAWR’s video:

So when you visit these channels, you get scam links that are for promotion or stealing your data. Be aware of these scam channels, as it is an also threat to your security. Although YouTube is working on these scam alerts, they are trying to remove this kind of scams. But we must keep ourselves safe also.




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