Google Hints to Slash Workforce, Want company to be 20% more efficient- CEO Sundar Pichai

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Google and Alphabet CEO Sundar Pichai recently indicated he wants to make the firm 20% more efficient, and that could include personnel reductions, or layoffs, as it deals with a number of economic issues in addition to years of rapid growth. Pichai spoke on his plans to make the business more efficient in the face of impending economic uncertainties and a general slowdown in ad expenditure, of which Google has so far benefited the most. Follow the post for detailed information on Google Hints to Slash Workforce. Have a look on the article to get all the facts you need to know. Read: How to Free Up Space in Google Drev (Drive) in 2022?

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Pichai stated on stage Tuesday,

Some Reports to Consider

In another instance, he said, “There are instances when we need to advance where three people are making decisions; seeing that and reducing it to two or one improves efficiency by 20%. With reference to “Simplicity Sprint,” a recent internal initiative launched to re-focus the expanding company and “achieve better outcomes faster,” conference host Kara Swisher reportedly questioned the Google CEO how he intended to make the company more efficient. The effort was made after Google revealed its second straight quarter of weaker-than-expected profitability and revenue, even though revenue is still increasing. Read Also: What to do when you don’t receive the payment of Google Adsense in your bank account?

Layoffs weren’t ruled out by the HR chief

HR director Fiona Cicconi reportedly recognised general industry worries about layoffs earlier in a July 2022 all-hands meeting, but she asserted that the company at the time was “not actively looking to cut Google’s overall staff.” We can’t be certain of the economy in the future, she did add.

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Although executives were aware of the company’s rising bureaucracy at the time, early in the year, Google employees had given the company’s leadership particularly dismal grades on compensation, promotions, and execution. Pichai admitted on Tuesday that his company “may be slower to make choices across everything we do.” “You look at everything from beginning to end and determine how to increase the company’s productivity by 20%.”



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